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lime and pie

I really enjoy baking. But I am well aware of my competitive yet incredibly short attention span.
It is very rare that I will make the same thing twice, as once I have created my masterpiece and received the correct amount of praise for it I grow bored and move on. Luckily for my Shiny New Husband (who from now on will be referred to as SNH so as to save those few exhausting keystrokes as well as making a custom abbreviation which creates familiarity and an ‘in-joke’ with you dear reader) and a few happy friends I have not completely abandoned my beloved vanilla cupcake recipe and on the odd occasion it will rear its cream cheese decorated head to rapturous applause (this this the correct amount of praise I demand).

This weekend I am experimenting with a southern American dessert that according to the internet is a topic of much debate. Hell if Dexter had to search high and low for the perfect specimen of it’s kind before he could off his friend, then I can understand the pickle these online recipe debate teams find themselves in.
The dessert is Key Lime Pie.

Enticed by a glowing review of this recipe on Happy Lady Eats I decided the dog birthday/BBQ we are attending tomorrow was perfect time to try this new experiment.

Lime zesting in progress, such a divine smell

SNH and I had a disagreement, as the original recipe called for the pie to be frozen (including the whipped cream topping) overnight, relying on the lime acid to cook the egg yolks. He was concerned transporting the pie to the BBQ would cause the cream to melt and ruin the masterpiece of citric-custard-goodness. So after more research I decided to bake the pie and administer whipped cream at individual consumers discretion.

The finished product - topped with fresh lime pieces

It turned out very well, even if I do say so myself.
And I have to admit, this flaky recipe junky is seriously considering repeating this dessert, to the letter this time, in a few weeks when we have friends over for our ‘Wedding and Honeymoon Slide Night’.

As usual I could not have completed this baking project, without the unwavering support of two helpers:
Knuckles and Dutch.

"Please can I lick the spoons?"

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