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Easter show and sticky food

Sellers walk around with mountains of helium balloons hovering above them, I love the look of them

Me at the show and a whole lotta rib behind me

SNH and I went to the Royal Easter Show on Monday which was the first time for both of us in over 12 years. Not surprisingly our interests have changed from childhood obsessions with spending our pocket money on Show Bags full of cheap plastic toys and treats containing enough sugar that the resulting energy spurt could power a small country. Nor were we drawn to try clamoring onto spinning rides that would cause said sugary treats to pay a return visit, by way of spewing down the side of the rock’n’roll dodge ’em cars pavilion. No, this year we indulged in our current obsession: dogs.

Timing our day well, we arrived at the Purina Sydney Royal Dog Show as they were judging the American Staffordshire Terriers. Our little blue dog Dutch is part AmStaff we have no idea what he is crossed with, as he is a rescue, but compared to the specimens on display he is an absolute pipsqueak!

After the judging we wonderer through the dog exhibitors hall then over to the craft and food hall. Unfortunately for SNH I issued him a ‘food on a stick’ challenge, as I wanted to photograph that trophy of all mixed-meat-surprise foods – the Dagwood Dog. And for those who don’t know, a ‘food on a stick’ challenge cannot be denied.

SNH looks thrilled with his mix-meat on a stick delight

Over at the Craft and Food hall we goggled at the sponge cakes, giggled at the needlepoint and marveled at the knitted foods. The sugar craft display was the most popular but I was quietly disappointed with the entries, they were all a little “meh”.

Mmmm pink marble cake

Highly detailed quilt on display

Knitted cakes were more interesting than the sugar craft versions

Most of our day was spent watching the dog agility and flyball demonstrations, cheering on people we knew from online dog forums and planning our dog’s futures as flyball masters.

Dog agility on the weave poles

But we did continue the “food on stick” challenge for the rest of the day…

Mmm corn on a stick

Cheese on a stick, it made my chest hurt

More photos of the day are here: On my flickr page