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Last month we celebrated our good friend Georgio’s 40th birthday at a lovely cocktail party arranged by his gorgeous partner Robyn. The party was Ratpack Vegas themed and Robyn hired a blackjack and roulette table complete with talented croupiers. Once the blackjack table got going I lost SNH, and there he stayed until late into the night.

Being part of a group of friends who have grown up in (and a little out of) the rockabilly scene together it’s nice that we’ve all graduated to a ‘vintage lifestyle’ instead. And it guarantees that gatherings are always going to be stylish.

Marc places his bet at the blackjack table

Glamour couple Georgio and Robyn

Golden Sue

Lou from Sterling Salon

Annette and I.

Georgio gives his birthday speech

Lovely Pia watches in the wings

Girl talk with Annette

Me and my big 60s hair

Busted! My shoes took a brake from my feet towards the end of the evening

For this most swanky evening I debuted a lovely 60s pink brocade gown with a cape! Oh how a love that cape.

I do apologise for another image heavy post, but we are having far too much fun with our EOS. Combined with the lack of words being produced as my creative writing brain is currently occupied writing a text book (more on that later) means my blog is more visual than wordy.