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Last weekend SNH and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary.

We had a mini-break in the city while my sister baby-sat the dogs. I surprised SNH by taking him to dinner at Café Sydney. With only one quick text to my sister to check up on the dogs (they were fine, napping happily while she sewed felt Mexican day of the dead skulls) we had a wonderful evening. We sat at a table on the terrace with an amazing view, dined on fancy food, cocktails and delicious wine. In turn SNH surprised me by booking a room at the Marriott Circular Quay.

It was lovely to get away with him, but the Marriott was less than impressive in a number of ways – did you know that there are still smoking levels in hotels? We didn’t. And so suffered the consequences, until we asked to be moved and were downgraded to another room, due to no other like-for-like vacancies. However the enormous fee for a fancy room was not downgraded as well.

On Sunday SNH took me to high tea at the Victoria tea rooms in the QVB.


For our fancy dinner I purchased a yellow early 60s wiggle dress from Etsy and had my lovely friend Sue tailor it for me. It fit like a glove and I was so happy with the outcome. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of it! I suppose that is a blessing as I wasn’t very happy with my hair – bouffant and side pony (snore! show me something different self!)

This is the Etsy’s sellers photo:

Our dinner on Sunday night consisted of Wedding cake and Champagne. We had saved the ‘E’ canister cake from the wedding and froze it and not being big champagne drinkers had a left over bottle of Veuve Clicquot squirrelled away from the wedding as well. The year-old cake was very tasty indeed.

All in all it was a wonderful 1st anniversary. I suppose now I cannot call SNH my Shiny New Husband anymore, although the patina of marriage will will not mar his shininess. He will require another adjective to replace ‘new’.