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And they call it puppy love

Our friend Tracey volunteers for NSW Animal Rescue as a foster carer for dogs. Caring for, training and socialising them until they can find their forever home. This is how we came to adopt our little blue dog, Dutch.

Tracey is currently looking after three 11 week old puppies. Two Beagle pups called Pumpkin and Pudding and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Willow. The Beagles were born in foster care after a ‘job lot’ of 17 dogs a couple of lowlifes had were rescued. They were their puppy-mill stock. One of the dogs was Daisy, a very pregnant 18month old Beagle. Daisy whelped 5 pups, but since she was so young her mothering instincts weren’t so good and she suffocated the three boys in the litter by sitting on them. Pumpkin was saved from the same fate when one of the rescue staff happened to check in on mum and pups and found Daisy sitting on her too. She was whisked off to the vet ER and put on oxygen until she’d recovered. Unfortunately its had an effect on her growth and development as she is much smaller than her sister, and exhibits a sookier, smoochy personality. Which is not such a bad thing for a Beagle – who are notoriously stubborn and naughty puppies.

While Willow was surrendered by her owner, who has a history of adopting puppies and surrendering them a few weeks later. There is nothing wrong with her temperament or health-wise. Her owner was just an idiot. Luckily now she has a chance of finding an awesome family to live with.

This morning SNH and I were very lucky to be invited to be covered in puppy kisses at Tracey’s house. We jumped at the chance! Getting our fill of puppy-love helps stop us wanting more dogs, plus it helps train and socialise the puppies.

Me and Pudding the Beagle puppy

Willow the Cav + playing with the puppies

Pumpkin smooches with SNH



Pumpkin puppy dog eyes

Where those shmackos?

the playful puppies

Pumpkin gives the best cuddles

Pudding has a home lined up to go to, but Pumpkin and Willow are available to adopt once they are desexed. You can contact NSW Animal Rescue with any enquiries. Daisy, the Beagle mum, is also available for adoption.