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Merry festive season! Part one

This year SNH and I had Christmas lunch at my parents house, it was lovely and delicious and I thought I might pop by the end!

As a self confessed craft nerd I love making decorations for events and Christmas is always good for pulling out extra effort. This year I had promised SNH that I wouldn’t make any new decorations as I have quite a bit on my plate, but that didn’t stop my mum! They have been renovating their terrace in the inner-west this year and the dinning room is getting an overhaul, however work was stopped over the holidays so room was not finished. But my stylish mum used that to her advantage and decorated the room using colours and materials that complemented the patina of the stripped walls (white plaster striped walls with patches of lovely old paint). While also incorporating her federation furniture and antique Australiana homewares.