Our veggie patch

When I first met SNH he read magazines about hot rods, custom cars, fishing and lowbrow art. These days he brings home magazines about organic vegetables and gardening. Oh he still reads hot rod mags and the 1963 F100 is in parts waiting for the day SNH will again set his eyes upon it with a mind to finish the beast. But for now the engine oil on his hands has been replaced with a green hue. Not that I am complaining mind you.

Our suburban front yard has been transformed from a pleasant patch of roses and lawn into a thriving, lush garden producing delicious food and lovely blooms. SNH spent the winter hard at work mulching and enriching the soil then planting, watering and tending to his potager. So over the last few months we have enjoyed the fruits (or vegetables) of his toils, as every evening SNH goes out to the garden and retrieves ingredients for our dinner.

Fresh lettuce and herbs for salads, strawberries for dessert, beans for stir fries and courgettes coming out the whazoo! We are very proud to be a part of movement that promotes self reliance, but mostly we do it because it’s so satisfying to grow your own food. Plus any guests that come to visit always get loaded with veggies as there is always more than we can eat.

Some come for a walk through out kitchen garden…

Flourishing courgettes and a small harvest

Green beans


Cos lettuce and mint


Apple cucumber

Tommy toe tomatoes

Golden nugget pumpkin

(L) Aubergine (R) Capsicum

Lettuces, rouquette, basils and Black Russian tomatoes

(L) Blood orange (R) Tahitian lime

Hydrangeas – my favourite (not for eating!)

  • Ivy

    Astred your garden (or should I saw SNH’s garden?) looks so lush and productive. Very jealous.

    Our garden is currently suffering from nutrient deficiencies as we did not spend the winter mulching and incorporating organic matter, unlike your much wiser and better prepared SNH.

    John said to me the other day, “if you’d told me five years ago I’d be sitting down every Saturday afternoon eagerly awaiting Gardening Australia, I would’ve said to you ‘Shoot me now’. What has my life come to?”

    But he only pretends to complain. We’re mostly enjoying white strawberries and carrots and potatoes. So many potatoes. Feels like the whole garden is potatoes. I also discovered a hydrangea bush the other day so we’ll spend some time feeding it and nurturing it back to health, now that we know what it is.

    Will certainly take you up on your invite for a walk through your potager some time and a cup of tea.

  • Oh my gosh, I LOVE your garden!!!
    We will soon be actually digging holes in the ground to properly plant all our stuff – can’t wait to add to it and have a lovely, healthy garden like yours!