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Vintage Wedding in the Suburbs

SNH and I had the pleasure of attending our good friends lovely wedding yesterday. Sue and Marc are part of our ‘vintage’ friends. People who have grown out of rockabilly but still enjoy a 50s/60s inspired lifestyle. The reception was held at Marc’s ranch house in Sydney’s north. Marc has spent years renovating and reconstructing his beautiful home, researching products to keep the 50s authenticity and calling on the skills of his handy pals to help him.

As you would guess the wedding was a beautiful sight, as guests dressed to their vintage 9’s.

the Bride and Groom

Lou and Tony of Sterling | Flowers by Lou

Satorial SNH


Amanda's awesome shoes

Nathan | Faith and Sarah

Crowds and boutonnieres

My outfit for the day

Robyn and Georgio

The boys: Angus, Marc and Anthony

Rosalie and Clare | Tanya


Stu and Faith

The newly weds first dance