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The Bump’s a gettin’ bigger

Life is really helped along when you have talented and skilled people surrounding you. SNH’s younger sister’s boyfriend (YSB) is a workplace OH&S rehab assessor — or some such. Basically he examines people’s work area when they return to work from an injury and makes sure they have the equipment and area set up so it’s ergonomic and not causing them further harm.

For anyone who knows me well, knows I am plagued with neck, shoulder and lower back problems. Thanks to car-rear-ending whiplash (a couple of years ago), my freaky cervical ribs and a basically traumatised spine (from my early years of being an accident prone kid). So when I was setting up my home studio YSB very kindly visited to help make sure I wasn’t doing myself further damage. I now have an über fancy chair, my wacom tablet on an 45º incline and other nifty bits and pieces that are helping to keep my body from stuffing itself any more.

Unfortunately, one of the main points I was told by YSB was to sit very close to the table, but now as Bump grows I find myself pushed farther away. Bump does not like it when I sit very close with the table firmly at my tummy. Bump kicks and squiggles until I move back.

As so I am now having to change many things I do, to accommodate Bump. Probably good practice, as self-sacrificing mum (ha–ha). I can no longer do things like slump on the couch with the laptop on my belly (kick! kick! get off!), lay on my tummy (squiggle, stop it!) or have the lap-sash of the car seat belt go across my tummy (it now goes under).

On top of this Bump kicks and rolls and squiggles when ever I am resting, which I expected. But the other day I was in the supermarket and Bump kicked me in the bladder. I quickly went from I calmly strolling the breakfast cereal isle, to madly dashing for the loo. Thus forgetting half the things I was meaning to get when I returned to continue food shopping.

Ahh the wonders of pregnancy!

The bump photos continue: