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Happy birthday to me

I turned 32 on Wednesday 15 June. There, I said it. I am trés old now. No longer flirting with my 30s, girlishly giggling as my late 20s were still insight like a cliqué of stylish, youthful girlfriends. No, no my friend. I have stepped firmly into my early 30s and I am told, there is no turning back.

So where does that leave me? Well, up the duff, running my own business and authoring a book. It all sounds entirely too mature.

However, instead of breaking down and having a mid-early-30s-life crisis I rose above it all, to the blue mountains in fact. Continuing our annual tradition, SNH and I journeyed to the Blue Mountains to celebrate my birthday and to do some collectables shopping.

Forecast for cold, wintery weather I was suitably rugged up to experience the cold mountains winter. What we didn’t bargan on was the side-ways rain that would accompany the cold! I had my camera at the ready to take kitschy shots but had my hands full grasping my umbrella and running from car to store!

I did get a few snaps of the amazing morning tea SNH treated me too. Flower-pot scones in Leura!

That’s right, you read correctly. These bad boys are made in terracotta flower pots and they were delicious!

While riffling through the collectables the different towns had to offer, SNH scored big time when we stumbled across a large stash of bakelite jewellery and after much excitement, trying-on, humming and not to mention ha-ing, we had my birthday present all wrapped up.

A bakelite letter charm bracelet. 2 of my great loves: bakelite and type! Perfect.

Oh and the bump photos continue..

Whoops! We missed week 25.