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Clean house, here’s proof

In late June I was asked to take part in a project by photographer Louise Whelan. She was photographing rockabilly and vintage people in their homes/natural surroundings (i.e. in their workshop working on their hot rods). And I was the token preggers vintage lady. I was very happy to be asked and accepted before I had to time think – my house looks like a bombsite!

Luckily my beleaguered mother agreed to come around the day before the photo shoot and help me clean the dust covered, brothel that was our house. After vacuuming, wiping everything down with a warm wet cloth and generally giving the living and dinning areas a good tszuj, I moved on to my dressing room. It wasn’t so bad, I just needed to put a lot of washing away and dust.

The house sparkled and was glorious to behold. So glorious in fact that I had to take photos myself to commemorate such a feat.

Lounge room and reading nook

Dinning room sideboard

Our delightful 50s faux fireplace

The concrete planter SNH got from his old barber when it closed

My dressing room

Rockin' Hawaiian lady Barsony Lamp and pigeon holes filled with trinkets

Chair and hat box

Found objects make great storage devices

Diana ware and bakelite


Scary toys watch over the confetti lucite

Canisters and chalk ware

Betty Page original photos * My fab parents at Les Girls, Kings Cross in the 60s


More bags!

Pride and joy: My Diana lamp/clock * Old blender holds plastic pearls

More Barsony

Speaking of Barsony, I have been getting a lot of google hits from people searching for Barsony. SNH and I have been collecting for over 11 years and we have a large collection of lamps, ashtrays, wall hangings and figures. We have so many lamps there is at least one in each room of our house. We haven’t bought any Barsony in years though as I always refused to pay over $200 for a lamp (I only ever paid over $100 for 3 of ours). But I have seen some ballerina lamps lately that had the most over inflated prices on them. Personally I think it’s crazy, especially for the ballerina lamps (of which I am not a fan and we don’t own one).

So, people searching for Barsony: what are you looking for? Pieces to buy? Photos of lamps? Information? Is there anything I can help you with?
The ABC TV show Collectors did a great special on the history of Barsony, you can view it here.