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Bump up!

I haven’t updated with a bump photo in a while. Actually we forgot to take a few week’s photos there, ridiculous I know. How hard is it to stand in the front hall and take a  snapshot every week? Evidently, as I get bigger and progressively worn down, quite hard.

Actually it’s the remembering that’s the trick. We often visit Addison Rd markets in Marrickville on Sunday mornings, for our veggies, and on our return SNH grabs the camera and takes a bump photo. However as I lumbered into my 3rd trimester I lost the energy and vim of the blessed 2nd trimester and would collapse on the couch after visiting the markets and more often than not, fall a sleep, forgetting all about posterity photographs.

So, below are from 29 weeks until today. You will notice that I have relinquished my vintage wardrobe as the bump gets progressively larger and less inclined to cooperate with unyielding fabrics, zippers and clasps. (And I too seek that most unheard of word for vintage ladies ‘comfort’ in my voluminous state).

oh, yeah and here is a gif of the bump’s progress 😉