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Another bloomin’ wedding

Last weekend SNH, bub and I took a trip out past Camden to attend a wedding. It was between a flower farmer — one of SNH’s fishing buddies — and a florist, a match made in delicately scented heaven.

Andrew, the groom, grows hydrangeas and other high-end blousey blooms like ranunculus and supplied all the flowers for our wedding. Which as a side note was absolutely wonderful, since hydrangeas are my absolute favourite flower and it was so calming to travel up to the farm and put together our own arrangements a few days before our wedding.

Their wedding was a small, relaxed affair with a marque on the edge of the dam and the ceremony under the branches of weeping jacaranda trees. And as you would assume the floral arrangements were amazing — centring around gardenias and white roses.

The photos are pretty blown out, as it was an incredibly glary day.