Getting ‘post’ it

I am suffering post-pregnancy body image issues.

SNH is suffering through my post-pregnancy body image issues.

I was completely delusional while pregnant, thinking to myself – just think by the end of the year you’ll be back in your old clothes and no more of these maternity bits. What did I think, that miraculously every bit of weight was going to drop off the minute I gave birth? Yes, probably. Well, at least something like that.

Instead, my weight is not budging. As I eat enough food for a small country every day while my body groans for more as I nurse my hungry little bird (he’s big for his age 7.96kg at 4 months!) I think – why can’t my body just use the fat cells it’s sorted for this kind of thing? And I gaze longingly at my lovely 50s wardrobe. Oh, summer dresses your trim bust line and cinched waists cannot come out to play. Did someone say play? Ask the delightful cotton playsuits. No, my large arse firmly replies. All those pretty prints, fancy ruffles and twirling skirts remain in the wardrobe. I admit I have pulled a few things out just to try, well why not, these are my ‘larger size’ items. No dice. In fact the only thing achieved was a large plummet in my already low self-esteem.

Smooth move nimrod.

And let’s face it, even if I could fit in half of my vintage clothing collection, I would still be unable to wear most of it as they are not equipped for breast feeding.

I have resorted to having clothes made for me. My friend Dragna has started her own seamstress business, Outlaw Kitten. She specialises in vintage outfits from original patterns. She has thousands of sewing patterns and crates of lovely fabric. She whipped up the sarong dress (I have worn every time we’ve been out to an event) which she also altered so it was baby feeding friendly. I also got a couple of pairs of 50s style capri pants made, and am planning to get more made as they work very well with vintage inspired modern tops (with stretchy fabric) and my collection of beaded cardigans.

SNH’s xmas gift to me was anything I wanted made from Outlaw Kitten, so I eagerly dragged out my own stash of vintage patterns and fabric and am finally getting this dress set made – with the fabric pictured (you may remember I bought both at the Bronte Sewing Room fabric sale a few years back).

In my seamstress haze of happiness, I dug out more lovely printed fabric – 50s ‘atomic’ style print, geometric patterns and sweet illustrative animal print – which will become playsuit tops or possibly a set like this red one:

Or maybe this jazzy jacket, top and shorts number?


To top off my spare-tyre-blues I am experiencing the delightful joys of post-pregnancy hair loss. After 9 months of little to no hair fall, my luxurious mane has fallen out by the fistful. Leaving me with wispy, crappy locks that make me sad. Along with short little new-growth that cheekily pokes out of my thinned out fringe, and waggles its salt and pepper grey at me. That’s right. I’m going grey. All the new stuff is grey. Not ginger, not brown but white and grey.

My mum tells me she went completely grey when she was my age too. Don’t get me wrong, we have a friend who went grey early and completely rocked the look. But I like being a red-head so I will continue to line the pockets of my colourist.

So, is it time to do something drastic and chop it off? I have had long hair for quite a while and love it to bits. In someways I am like Samson, my power is in my hair and I rely very heavily on well styled tresses to give me that esteem boost (and lovely Wella commercial flick!). Who knows, but it is time that I trotted off to Sterling Salon to discuss the possibilities.


  • Oh Astred, it’s all so hard! A wise friend once said to me the sooner you accept the change that comes with being a Mum, the easier it will be. Some of the changes, like not fitting into your clothes for a while, are maybe only temporary, but it can get so depressing. I was the same. I really think some people hold onto a bit of weight while they’re breastfeeding? (While other lucky bastards immediately drop everything on them.) And it’s only been four months for you. That is such a tiny amount of time for your body. Tiny! And anyway, I know it’s easy for me to say this, but I saw the photos of you at that 50’s do and you looked smokin’! Have fun getting some clothes made xx

  • Eep – don’t be too hard on yourself 🙂 Your body will get back to what it once was and you’ll be wearing your excellent wardrobe again. It can get a bit depressing though, all your hormones aren’t back to normal yet and the hair fall out is so annoying! I’m into my 3rd shedding now since Leo was born and it sucks.
    I have also found my hips have widened post 2 births and have accepted it. There’s 2 beautiful children in my house, some clothes that don’t fit anymore are nothing compared to them. I don’t have your fab clothes, but I just got rid of lots of stuff.
    Anyway, it looks like you’re getting some pretty cool clothes made!!
    And I think you are looking great from the photos I’ve seen :)))

  • Amanda

    Well I think your a total babe and you look amazing no matter what!