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hipster made it

My year so far in hipstermatic photos…

1. Blue toenails days after making SNH a piece of baby art for his birthday on NYE.

2. The coolest fellas I know. New Years day, after yum cha.

3. Flaming Mai Tai at Chat Thai. A stolen few hours sans baby thanks to SNH’s mum (bub’s Nain) and sister. My first (long stretch of) time away from bub. I was giddy and very nervous. Still I had a coffee (AMAZING! Can’t have it with him as he responds badly to it) and a cocktail with my lunch (decadent!).

4. Holidays with dad. Café baby serenades the table next to us.

5. Slightly obsessed with Black Star Patisserie in Newtown.

6. My sister (a.k.a Cool Aunty Ursula) giving bub’s talons a manicure. Those things are sharp!

7. Holly Throsby and the Hello Tigers at the world famous Spiegletent for the Sydney Festival. Bub had a blast watching other kids rock out.

8. Tiki party at Rose Seilder House. Our first night out sans bub. Who was happily sleeping at home with his Oma and Pop babysitting.

9–10. This is what happens when SNH has one mai tai (made with rocket fuel) art shots ensue.