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Sweet beginnings

Happy new year! I hope you all had a pleasant end of 2011, whether celebrating Xmas with family or blithely ignoring the whole thing.

SNH, bub and I had a drawn out Xmas – one day for us, one day at SNH’s parents, one day at my parents, and one day with my extended family. We were truly worn out and over celebrating by the end of it! However, it being bub’s first xmas we soldiered on, enjoying family, food and the thing that really makes xmas interesting – little kids.

SNH and I decided to treat ourselves on Xmas eve and took a trip to Gelato Messina in Darlinghurst. Known for their experimental flavours, they have recently opened a ‘lab’ next door which they call a low temperature patisserie. Did someone say cakey ice cream things? I was giddy with excitement.

My Slivkova Pavlova

Inside the treat

I tried the Slivkova Pavlova (vanilla gelato, freeze dried raspberries, passionfruit dusted meringue, raspberry geleè, passionfruit) – it was amazing! Tart, squishy and delicious. SNH had the Arabian Knight (Pistachio gelato, orange scented chocolate coated rosewater marshmallow, Marsala soaked) which he thought his was rather nice too. Really layered flavouring.

SNH's Arabian Knights

Tasty knights

After we polished off our treats while sitting the gelato bar, we thought we really should try some of their actual gelato flavours. Of course! So we shared a cup of Christmas pudding and salted caramel. The pudding was one of the best gelato’s I’ve ever had. Changing and evolving as it moved around my mouth. From a rum ‘n raisin opening note to the deep spice after taste. I am drooling just writing about it. But it was so rich that we really only could eat half a cup. So when it came to getting a take home (naturally!) we went for salted caramel (yes, it was also very good), peanut butter and chocolate fondant.

Hello pudding gelato

I recommend following them on twitter, so you can get notifications of their new flavours – if you are so inclined: @Gelato_Messina

Hello more noms. You are coming home with us.

I have decided that I need to blog more. I guess you could call it a new years resolution. Although it’s more of a ‘do something with this lagging blog’ resolution. I tend to think about it, think of something interesting, then forget it and end up posting photos of gelato ;p

But while pondering the future of my blog, I have come up against something I thought I would never even think about – turning this in to some sort of mummy blog. As my life now revolves around a small being I am often amazed at how little I do that is not connected to him in some way. And my blog/news/live journal has always just been a documentation of my life – therefore is this a natural progression?

I have been reading a lot of really lovely mummy blogs over the summer (one claire day, dear olive, rummey bears, the beetle shack) and have been discussing these thoughts with SNH. His response is to write as I always have, but don’t make a conscience decision to be a ‘mummy blogger’. I’ll have times when I write about bub but I will have times when I write about other stuff. It’ll even itself out, eventually.

Plus I don’t want to lose who I am to a label.

Did you make any new years resolutions?