Street walking

This weekend SNH, bub and I joined our lovely love-bird friends Robyn and Georgio on an Architecture Australia Assoc guided walk around Castle Cove, a suburb in Sydney’s north. Too admire and discover architecturally designed gems from the 50s, 60s (up to the 80s but we weren’t really interested in those). There are some super duper lovely mid-century modern houses in a relatively small area, all with amazing views to middle cove.

We had a lot of fun following our guide and standing on the sidewalk gawking at people’s houses. We plan to do it again on one of their other tours. It was very bub friendly, he happily sat in his pram and serenaded the group with ear splitting squeals and joyful yelling.

  • Oh lovely house with the spiral staircase. I want you! xx

  • The North Side – who knew it was so cool! I just found the most amazing 50’s party venue – East Lindfield Community Centre – Check it out!

  • Oh. My. God… !!! That is so amazing! Why didn’t I know about this for my wedding!? Not that Clovelly wasn’t all colours of awesome, but this is magical! Thank you for sharing the find.
    My Nana and Pa lived in East Lindfield, in fact there was the most amazing midcentury modern house up for sale around the corner from their house in November last year

  • I know! Makes me want to tie the knot all over again! Yes I think that place in East Lindfield went for well over a million bucks – an architect bought it – that bodes well for its future! There are a few Mid Century Gems dotted about the North Shore. Our place at Chatswood is a bit more 70’s but is still fun!

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  • Peta

    Hey! Hhave been enjoying your blog. I’ve done a few of these doing Architecture Association tours too. They are wonderful! The city bar one is also great.