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Fancy bump

It seems like a lifetime ago but you may remember I had to frantically clean my house when I was around 6 months pregnant as I was being photographed by the lovely Louise Whelan. She was being sponsored by Fuji to test out their new camera, along with 9 other Australian photographers with the outcome being published in a book called 10×10.

And it occurred to me the other day that I never actually posted the outcome of that shoot! So here are a few shots — if we’re friends on facebook you have probably seen these already, sorry!

It was lovely to have professional, pretty documentation of the bump (not that our own bump series isn’t all colours of awesome).

And just because, here is a my ‘author photo’ for my bio page in my book, taken by Ruthless photos. I was about 14 weeks pregnant here and the bump had just ‘poped’ and had to wear a corset to hold it in so I could squeeze into this dress!

(I am holding my grandpa’s ruler. The idea was that each author would hold something they felt represented Australian design.)