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Change is as good as a…

Well after weeks of illness the bub and I were finally starting to feel better* so one afternoon while bub was at his grandparents I cleaned the house! I know, shocked right?

It was a real brothel. I have to say I was embarrassed with the state of the house but something had to give, and quite frankly I wasn’t going to scrub the loo when I had the flu. Other than general scrub, spit and shine I did a bit of rearranging.

The lounge room displays got a bit of a rotate and restyle, and I love it. It makes the lounge room feel different and refreshed.

I am not a master stylist but I do enjoy using my ‘design eye’ to display and arrange our house. It has always been something I’ve loved doing and is more for our own creative expression and stimulation than anyone else’s. It’s lovely to live in an interesting home.

*We’re sick again, can’t catch a break. Bub has his top set of teeth coming through and the snots, so is very out of sorts. And I am fighting with all my might against another stupid cold.