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Party like it’s 2012

Where did this last year go? Thinking back to this time last year, I was groaning and plodding along under the weight of 8 month baby belly. Preparing to finish lecturing and wrapping up my freelance work in anticipation of bub’s arrival.This year I am revving it all back up again, including taking on new lectures – hello Fashion degree! Whilst planning bub’s first birthday party!

Party animals with hats

Sourced from Oh Happy Day


I had decided the month after Bub was born we would have a themed party, fun and games at our house. But SNH and I have come to think a themed party would be much more fun when Bub can understand and participate more – so that’s on hold until next year.

And as I chase my increasingly mobile baby (he WALKED unassisted across the room on Monday, oh dear!) I have also rethought the idea of having the party at our house. It is definitely not multiple-child-proof. One kid, with an eye kept on him: yes. One or two kids, with a close eye on them: sure (although the dogs get a bit excited and whinge at being left out of the fun). Many kids running around the house with the dogs? Bananas. It’s not going to happen any time soon.

Yes, yes, yes. We are child proofing our house for Bub. Just not to an extent that would allow other peoples kids to come in and be unsupervised. And that’s a drag and we want people to have fun. So the solution is to have the party outdoors!

I heartily agreed with SNH, yes an outdoor party would be much better. Yes, let’s just have a relaxed easy birthday party. Then I started pinning things on pinterest and my ideas became grander, complicated and ever so crafty. Whoops.

I keep parring back my ideas and then thinking of new things. You see I am torn, this is Bub’s FIRST birthday. It should start with a bang. (Let’s not discuss that old argument that babies parties are just for the parents, I’m not listening ;p) It should be a great celebration and pretty and fun and awesome and stuff! We need STUFF! (I can hear SNH’s eyes roll from here as he reads this).

So the plans are in works, the invites are almost done, decorations are being thought of, Bub’s present has been bought and the cake has been agreed on.

Tell me, what did you do for your kids first birthday? Was is an extravaganza? Or a quiet affair? Small party but pretty decorations?