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Game changer

Last Friday after months of furniture surfing, wibble-wobble walking and hand-holding tottering the baby decided he could walk and now there is no stopping him. 11 months old and he is wandering around the house getting into all sorts of trouble.

He is now quite annoyed when confined to the stroller, while he could be walking around, handling merchandise (he loves shoes just like his dad), ruining displays, running off and playing peepo with other people and generally causing mischief.

Sure I knew it was coming but what can I say? Sometimes I feel utterly under prepared for most baby/parental advances.

We are back on the Tresillian Sleep regime. It has it’s good and bad days. And I was very prickly when we went to day stay at Tresillian HQ the other day.  But then I feel incredibly prickly in general at the moment.

I am a little sick of waking up to 6 times a night to tend to the baby. I wish he would sleep for more than 30 mins at a time  in his own bed during the day (after 15 mins of crying). I wish I had infinite patience and didn’t get stressed out so easily.

Sometimes the bub only wakes twice a night (like last night). Sometimes I am sunshine and light and can deal with anything.  Sometimes I am completely frazzled by lunchtime and just have to thank my stars that I only have one kid to contend with.

This is a tough gig.

But then other things make me glad I have this gig.

Bub can say 4 words: Hello, Dada, Dog, Kick! (that is the order that he first said them) They are not all fully formed words and a lot of the time sound like the actual word but don’t contain the correct letters ‘aarhoo’ = hello

No sign of ‘m’ in his vocabulary so Mama is not on the list yet (much to my sulkiness).

But KICK or ‘Kikch!’ is the word of the moment, thanks to the fact he is completely ball obsessed. Any ball he sees ‘Kikch!’ There’s a dog around? “Kikch!’ (He also loves throwing balls for the dogs to fetch). Backyard ‘Kikch!’ (there is a ball out there). Playroom ‘Kikch!’ (there are several balls in there).

Everything is so interesting and he is so interested. It must be amazing to be an explorer.