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Happy Birthday

One year ago today a little baby was put on my chest and our lives where changed forever. Clichéd I know, but it’s true.

Happy first birthday young man. You are extraordinary in every way. You are loved beyond comprehension. You look so much like your dad, but you are so like I was when I was your age. As illustrated by all the knocks and bumps due to your inquisitive, busy nature. Always doing something, always on the go. It’s exhausting sometimes but then I wouldn’t have you any other way.

On this day you:
– Can say many words like Dada, Cheese (which is your generic food word), Hello, Hi and Dog. But by far your favourite word is KICK! As you are completely and utterly ball obsessed. So much so that you have been known the shadow other kids in the park if they have a ball – pointing and saying ‘kick!’
– New words a developing, like Kisses and dress. But you’re very good at parroting word sounds so sometimes I think you have new word but you’re just repeating things I say for the fun of the sound. Last week everything was ‘Didi’  I think it my have been dogging, but it became an interchangeable word for everything, so now your Oma and I call you Didi.
– You walk, you shuffle run, you LOVE being chased by your Nain.
– You love knocking down my building block creations (your Dad calls it playing Godzilla) but last week you started trying to help me put blocks on towers. I was amazed and adore watching your development.
– You love music. LOVE it. Always have. Holly Throsby is a big hit, but we listen to a lot of rockabilly, 60s funny songs and the Beatles. But you go completely still and silent whenever I play you Fiest ‘1, 2, 3, 4’ from Seasame Street on the iPad. Case in point, you made us watch this video 3 times after went to get the link for it.

Feist on Seasame Street

– You understand requests and love to help out.
-You’re a very good sweeper. In fact you in enjoy it so much that your Oma bought you a little broom and you sweep her house now
– You still eat paper – a lot
– Night sleeping is getting so much better now. But you seem to know when (on the very odd occasion where) I am out and tend to wake up a few times for whomever is babysitting you
– You are rad, there is no denying it.  Plain and simple you rock my world.