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Happy Anniversary

At 9.12am three years ago today, I was in Sterling Barber and Salon and I had just yelled expletives after a call from the car company which then thankfully snapped me out of a terrible panic attack. And while the profanities shocked some people in the prep-group, my fabulous bridesmaid Tanya breathed a sigh of relief and assured them all that my swearing was a good thing and it was business as usual. Which of course, she was right. On with the whirlwind day!

3 years ago today at Rose Seilder House, I married the most awesome person in my world. Kind, patient, creative, terrible humour, Mr Fix-it, amazing cook, messy, BBQ king, my moral compass.

It’s only fitting that I update your epithet from SNH (Shiny New Husband) to SAH (Super Awesome Husband).

Love you babe.