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Trash is my treasure

The other week I was coming back from the beauty salon, when I drove past a large council chuck-out pile in front of a pristine 1950s blonde brick house in my neighbourhood. I had to go back for a peek.

Thinking I would only cast my eye over the pile, as I was freshly prettied up and in a nice 50s sundress, I jumped out of the car and found I was soon (neatly) unpacking every box, crate, and bag. Finding more and more goodies, I delved as deep as I could go. I stopped and thought about going home to get some gloves so I could pick up the wooden crates without fear of splinters but it really was a two person job. So I was a little disappointed I couldn’t  pack a few of those wooden crates in my car, but my haul was so amazing that I can not in good grace complain.

I found wonderful old lino samples, wooden children’s games, a child’s broom, school chalk, light fittings, gold tiles, picture frames, leather belts (for suitcases that I think I will actually wear) and more. This is what my boot looked like:

A closer look at my score


I am going to hang the wooden boardgames in the Bub’s room and the Art Deco light fitting has found a new home in a friend’s 1930s bungalow (I rescued it to give away, it was too perfect to let it pass). I think I may frame or mount the lino (another friend has given me some tips on how to do this) and as for the rest, I have no idea what will become of them but I am sure I’ll make it work.

I love, love, love riffling through council throw out piles because I cannot bear to think about all those wonderful vintage objects getting crushed in a garage truck and taken to be landfil. The horror!

This was my best score in a while.
Are you a trash trawler? What was your best score?