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1/52 weeks


Those eyes, those curls, that skin. Most definitely my favourite age so far. I don’t want to forget a thing about this 15 month old wonder who scoffs pulled-pork tacos with his dad like a pro.

Okay so I don’t make new years resolutions, just not my thing I guess. But I am going to try and tag along with a lovely project happening in the blogsphere at the moment – a 52 week photo project helmed by Jodi at Che and Fidel

It’s definitely not a new thing, I attempted to do a 52 photo project (1 photo a week for 1 year) with my dog Knuckles a couple of years ago. I made it to week 8. You can see those photos over here at my much ignored Flickr account:

52 weeks of Knuckles

(On a side note that pirate photo of Knuckles was published with permission on for a feature on people who dress up their pets. Huzzah I am an internationally recognised dog-mad-lady)

So anyway, the point is I am going to attempt stick with this project. Although inauspiciously I forgot my camera when we went out to dinner, so the first photo is taken on my iPhone.