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Melbourne Part 1

A few weeks ago we traveled to Melbourne for one of my oldest friend’s wedding, he was marrying his soul mate and we were honoured to be invited. Since this would be my first time away since before I had the Bub we decided to make a bigger thing of it and rented a house in South Yarra for a week and lived it up large in Melbourne.

Well as large as you can live with a tired toddler who just can’t understand why he is being forced to sit still in all these cafés and restaurants time and time again. Sure the food he’s being given is nice but running around and climbing on things is  far more interesting.

We learnt a lot of things about traveling as a little family, some good, some bad but it was all a learning experience and will help inform decisions we make for future (international) holidays.

Every time we go on holiday I ask SAH to take a photo of my daily outfits, mostly to justify the amount of things I pack, and every time we forget or can’t be bothered. But not this time! Outfits were documented, along with food and purchases and everything else… which lead SAH to suggest I should possibly stop and enjoy my holiday and stop trying to document it so much. Right you are SAH, thank you.

The following is an image heavy document of our fabulous holiday.
(These are a mix of DSLR, iPhone and Instagram pix)

Day 1: 50s Raffia boat hat, repro circle skirt, my favourite t-shirt in the world (with holes to prove it), arm of bakelite bangles and Wittner shoes.

New purchase from my favourite Melbourne vintage store: pom pom cone hat! Perfection.

My handsome SAH enjoying a burger outside of Huxtaburger in Collingwood, while Bub ate his chips and I had the tastiest Chocolate and Honeycomb milkshake.

Day 2: Vintage Patio skirt with sliver ric-rac trim, vintage polka dot grey blouse, fake and bakelite bangles to match the bakelite necklace given to me by my mum.

Professional photo-bomber.

Lunch at Movida Next Door – this person was creating his own gastronomic delights: Green pea chips and blueberries. They look pretty good, a future chef? This delicious lunch was short lived as it was way past Bub’s nap time and I ended up walking up and down Hosier Lane with him before we wrestled him into the stroller and he collapsed into sleep.

Tired mumma says: please can I just enjoy this amazing glass of wine and Movida fishy things in for minute?

Original 50s Hawaiian kids play set by Shaheen – my best buy in Melbourne. Something to put away for Bub to grow in to.

Hands down best coffee we had in Melbourne at Market Lane Coffee

Day 5: 60s playtop, 60s Bermuda shorts, Pointer shoes and an arm full of bangles (bangles are the only bit of jewellery I can wear without fear of it being pulled off and broken by a small person) at Melbourne Zoo!

This person loves the water and all the creatures it contains.

I’ve split this post into two due to the amount of images.