“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Painted lips
Almost half way through this project and I am experiencing project fatigue. Some weeks it feels like a chore to pull out the camera and click away and some weeks I feel like I am almost setting up shots, when all I want to do is capture glimpses into Bub’s life this year.
Possibly has something to do with being so incredibly busy at the moment, this is a good thing work-wise, a very good thing. But when I now only have 3 days a week with my cheeky chops the effort of fishing out the DSLR and taking photos seems extravagant.

Is anyone else having similar thoughts? How to I find the energy and inspiration to continue for another 32 weeks?


My 52 week portrait project

52 a portrait a week link group / Che & Fidel

  • I love this shot of your child painting. I’m feeling very similar because I pregnant/tired, working a lot and my house has very bad light so I have to take the camera out with us to take pictures.

    But it will be so rewarding at the end…I can’t wait to show my daughter the pictures and hope to make it into a photo book to give to her when she is older.

  • Love the lighting in this shot. Yes, I am totally feeling the same way and lacking some motivation. Being pregnant, and moving out of state has made this a little more of a chore lately. I think my sheer determination to complete this is what’s keeping me going 🙂