“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Pick ‘n mix
A charming but sometimes frustrating toddler independence development has been the attachment to random objects. When we leave the house an assortment of odd accoutrements join us. Last week we went to Oma’s house with 2 golden books, Seal (the toy) and a measuring cup. When we went to the park a large Tupperware container and a small plastic bowl accompanied us. A rather large attachment has formed to pencils and crayon pens lately and those that haven’t been dropped down the hole in the floor (a knot of wood in the floorboards) join Bub for dinner, naps and car rides.
Shoes are also a subject of a lot of interest, this morning’s footwear was chosen and put on by Bub. He was very proud and would not listen to me when I suggested he have a matching pair, or perhaps wear socks for warmth. So I had to put a body warmer on him to keep out the chill as we play lego towers.

My 52 week portrait project

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  • LOL …you gotta love it when they start exerting their independence.
    Maybe he’ll start a new fashion ;0)

  • oh this is too sweet! the charms of childhood, huh – love hearing these precious tales of attachments 🙂

  • beautiful! what sweet mix of perfect and defiant those toddlers. I like her shoe choices. xo

  • That is so funny, my son spent an entire winter refusing to wear anything but underpants on his bottom half. Also, inexplicably, life is better with something in your hand – smart mummy for just going with it.

  • Ha ha – I love this photo. My daughter is seven and she still makes some “interesting” fashion choices !!

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