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“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

This is a portrait of a very confident player. He loves to explore and build but what is really emerging is his love to create, arrange and order. I’ve found tupperware containers perfectly aligned with 1 red piece of lego and 1 green piece of lego in each; building blocks arranged in a rhythmic pattern each with a single segment of mandarin placed on top; my hot rollers decanted from their holders and arranged like cogs in a clock; every piece of tupperware and kids food travel containers collected then arranged smallest to largest in one long line on the lounge room floor (when there are no more containers shoes were collected and added to the line).

He has an amazing creative eye and all of these things he does on his own, most of the time I stumble upon the completed projects and marvel at the patterns, wishing I as a professional designer was as creative as that.

(Here he is playing at his Nain and Grandpa’s house, building, chatting and playing the drums)

My 52 week portrait project

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