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An evening at El Dorado * The Wedding

A little while ago I posted an entry on my design process for the wedding invites of our lovely love-bird friends Robyn and Georgio.

Well for the past month I have been living vicariously through Robyn’s instagram feed, as she posted some of the highlights of their amazing European honeymoon. And it’s their arrival back in the country that has promptly reminded me that I failed to post any images of the wedding itself!

So with permission from the bride, here are a few shots of the inmate wedding soiree, attended by some of the most sartorially elegant people you will ever meet.

I am very fond of the blue mermaid dress that I wore to the wedding. Purchased specifically for this event, it was a diamond in the rough listing on Etsy which thankfully I was able to recognise from the ill-fitting mannequin and listed measurements that this was a bombshell dress in the waiting. All it took was some absolute magic from my tailor, Outlaw Kitten and a corset… and some spanx! It was so tight and incredibly fitted that SAH had to unzip me so I could sit in the car and assist me teetering in and out of the vehicle – hilarious!

When you wear vintage clothing measurements become very important. It’s a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that you can tell straight away whether the item will fit you based on the bust-waist-hip measurements (providing they are correct). The curse is that every little inch counts in vintage clothes and you become acutely aware as soon as you put on any weight.

If you are looking at collecting vintage clothes I would suggest getting a nice friend to measure your bust, natural waist and hips. It also helps to have your skirt length, shoulder width and pants rise.

Here is a helpful graphic:


I think I will write more about collecting vintage clothing later and maybe even have some guest posts, because I have a lot of friends with wealth of knowledge and some jaw dropping, amazing wardrobes.

But I will say that having a skilled tailor that you trust is incredibly important.A few years ago I read a quote by Dita Von Teese that changed my life and the way I approached clothing. She said tailoring any item of clothing to fit you exactly can make it appear designer. It’s all about the fit (and the foundation garments!).