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Officially a toddler

Yesterday was Little A’s 2nd birthday.

He woke to a fully assembled 3ft wooden rocket ship and a pile of gifts from us and his grandparents. Thoroughly spoilt but managed to continue the excitement and with every gift he unwrapped a “wow!!” was emitted.

In the evening we celebrated with noodles from his favourite North Chinese restaurant – this kid loves noodles let me tell you. However the noodles lost a lot of their shine as the siren song of the rocket ship and Fischer Price drill set lured him away from the dinner table. He was eventually coaxed back to the table and sat wide-eyed as the lights were dimmed and a cupcake with lit candle were ceremoniously produced from the kitchen and he was serenaded with ‘Happy Birthday’, which he then applauded us for. I will never forget the glorious look on his face, he was so enthralled and excited about the candle. As he requested for “More?” I could hardly refuse him and each time returned from the kitchen with the flickering candle, stuck it in the partially eaten cupcake and let him blow out the flame.

To mark the occasion of truly leaving his infancy behind (a fact I was gripping on too) we visited Tony at Sterling Barber Shop and Hairdressing earlier in the week to have Little A’s shaggy hair cut into a more manageable, grown up style.

I asked for the front to stay long but the back to be short – a hipster cut for kids. The result is fabulous and Little A looks so grown up, it makes me a little panicky really. I don’t think I can handle this – children growing up. I have truly enjoyed this year of motherhood. While the first year was stressful and I doubted myself for a long time, this year has been wonderful, still tiring but very rewarding and wonderful.

Photos by my awesome sister/’second shooter’ Ursula.

Thanks Tony for being such a consummate professional and taking my little wriggly worm in your elegant stride.

And now it is the night before Little A’s birthday party and having promised SAH that I would go easy on the decorations/craft/homemade stuff and just have a relaxed party in the park I have just finished packing into suitcases all the paper garlands I spent most evenings this week making; along with recycled decorations from previous events including Little A’s 1st birthday party, bubble wands, pineapple plates and toys. Now it’s time to finish constructing the cake, jelly boats and fruit plate then time for a big glass of wine and a sit down.