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So this post was meant to be about the work and renovations we’re doing in our backyard right now, which believe me is a riot of a post. Oh how you’ll laugh and nod along and feel compelled … not really but you know…

But that’s redundant now as last week one of my worst nightmare’s unfolded as my trusty, work-horse of an iMac died a slow, painful, demented death and took with it a large portion of my life.

Recognising the death throws – or really that something was up and I needed IT support to fix it – I started manually backing up all my working design files and photos to an external HD. But my usual fastidiousness concerning back ups had come undone a few months ago with the demise of my other external hard drive reserved for auto-back ups (time machine) … long story short I was too fat, lazy and stupid to replace it immediately and I have paid the price.

A pleading phone call to my brother, an IT specialist and software tester, saw him generously spend a few days in my studio diagnosing and attempting to salvage what we could. A few suggestions from a friend on Facebook helped us get the computer running long enough to do a few snatch-and-grabs for files.

So while the majority of my work was saved, I have had a constant series of panicked realisations over the week as I remember something else I didn’t back up and is possibly completely lost.

Like timeline Photo Booth photos of my kid growing from baby to toddler and my dogs from puppies to boof heads.


Le sigh.

So the joy of a brand spanking new monster sized iMac is far outweighed by the events that lead up to its purchase (ouch!). And I feel discombobulated as I piece together my life (computer) installing software, rearranging files and getting the set up just so – I really am particular about my file set up, ask any designer who has worked with me.

The old iMac is off to Apple in a few days to see if any more data is retrievable, fingers crossed.

Not to worry though, I am sure I will be loving the speed of the new computer and within days singing its praises and posting all those entries I’ve been writing in my head for weeks.

Have you suffered my fate? How did you piece your life back together afterwards?