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Lights, Camera, Morton

Some months ago, I arrived at The School on a chilly winter morning toting suitcases, hat boxes and dress bags. I were there to redeem a gift. A gift so thoughtful but momentous I had procrastinated for months before cashing it in.

I was having a private photo shoot styled by Megan Morton and photographed by Maya Vidulich.

You might know Megan from previous mentions like my Christmas photo post; or every über cool styled photo/interior/magazine out at the moment; or from taking a workshop at her HQ The School. However you have come to know her work no doubt you will have been struck by its beauty, to quote her bio MM ‘makes atmospheres that make people obscenely happy’.

It was during the afore mentioned Christmas family photo that the machinations for this gift were started. Noticing my immense enjoyment during our family session SAH colluded with Megan to give me a personal photo shoot as a Christmas present. This was something Megan stressed she never did – personal bookings – but she would make an exception this one time.

But what to photograph? A big set up? Something dramatic? Did I really want to be photographed by myself? Still coming to terms with my post-post baby body I wasn’t so sure I liked what I looked like anymore.

So when I finally did book a time I had resolved that it would be a chance to document who I am now: 34 with a kid, love and a life.

After meeting with MM it was decided the set up would be minimal and be about shape/space with a few still life vignettes thrown in.

On the day of the shoot my gorgeous friend, Lou acted as both wardrobe lady, companion, moral support and prop designer – generously donated her time and florist skills to create a floral crown for one of the outfits.

The session was a lot of fun, MM and Maya put me at ease and didn’t snigger when I started pretending I was old Hollywood with my poses. I took a load of photos myself as being in front of the camera is always an interesting process no matter what the set up.

And speaking of set ups, I scored big time thanks to Maya’s husband who charitably constructed an amazing lighting set.

Megan nicking my stuff to create an Instagram vignette

Nicked from Megan’s Instagram

And the final result? Well I haven’t decided what to do with them yet, but here is a sneak peek at some of the fabulous images.