Freelance Book Designer

see ya 2013


See you later 2013, don’t let the door hit you on the arse.

2013 was rough. From family, to work, to money, to home everything seemed destined to travel a rocky path.   I found that the economy has finally affected freelance work and I’ve had to work extra hard to get every job that’s come my way – not only that but I’ve pushed myself further to create stronger, effective and more beautiful designs. Putting pressure on myself from both sides, to get the work and to make it amazing.

By the end of the year my hard work had started to pay off and I was so intensely busy I was buzzing. It was an amazing feeling to be working at capacity, even returning to the computer after Little A was tucked into bed at night to keep creating and making those deadlines. I relished every moment of it.

Now with numerous deadlines in January and large projects with dream clients in the works, 2014 looks to continue the buzz. Thank the stars.

But 2014 is not without its forecast of rough patches, but we will tackle those with measured approach and SAH’s trusty saying ‘Things will work out, they always do’.

2014 I am ready for you, I am chomping at the bit for the opportunities you bring and while I don’t make new years resolutions I will put this out there, this year is the year of opportunity. Chin down, sleeves up, I am going to make it happen, you just watch.