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Summer days

Some years Christmas and the surrounding days have been some of the most stressful holidays but not this year. This year our summer days have been blissful.

With only a short break to celebrate Christmas, New Years and cram some holiday activity in, combined with a large freelance workload with early January deadlines, my thoughts of our summer holidays were dark. But we did it! We had a holiday! I started loosing track of days and felt completely relaxed for the first time in 2013.

BBQs and swims with friends; early morning visits to Clovelly beach; a few visits to the Zoo to visit the Lemurs and take advantage of Little A’s combined Xmas present from Santa and Oma (renewed Zoo membership plus a guest pass! We can take friends with us all year long now!); enjoying the company of SAH’s family while celebrating his birthday in new year’s eve; working on the house as Little A happily pottered about playing; and eating – oh the eating we did.

The summer break didn’t start out so serenely, in fact it started with an possible bone break. Chasing Little A through the house, he stopped suddenly and I stubbed and bent my toe sideways against the heal of his foot. The terrible pain lasted a while but then I got on with my life, the next day however it still hurt to walk and my toe was purple and puffy. I then spent the afternoon at the GP’s office, and the next morning which just happened to be Christmas eve rushing from X-ray office, to shopping centre for last minute gifts, to X-ray pick up, to GP – not exactly how I had pictured spending my Christmas eve with my little family. And after all that it turns out it was just badly bruised. So I cheered myself up with a sneaky present from Gorman, the Gorman X Castle beach towel that then accompanied me through our beachy, summery, happy holiday break.