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Drizzly Sunday

Sydney has been tropical, but not the fun kind with fruity drinks and cabana boys. No this tropical has been oppressive humidity, persistent precipitation and a sticky warmth that clings to your skin covering you in sweat if you dare to move an inch.

After a Saturday split between cleaning a much neglected house and enjoying the company of Tanya and Baby B, we found ourselves at a loss on Sunday – what to do on a rainy drizzly day? With a toddler running up the walls after several days of wet weather confinement we had but one option: get out of the house.

After nipping up to the shops for supplies (brand new gum boots and a rain jacket for Little A, who is obviously not so little to still fit in his wet weather gear from last year) we drove to Oatley Park and took a walk through the bush tracks down to the gorgeous baths on the banks of the Georges River.

Winding our way down sandstone steps we stopped every so often for Little A to jump in a puddle, testing his new boots, or to pick up a piece of bush treasure – a white cockatoo feather for A and a few springs of white gum blossoms for me.  Standing on the old promenade down by the water we looked for fish, then walking out on to the jetty Little A released his treasure into the river as we watched a train travel across the cargo bridge in the distance.

We returned to the car via the large play area where wet slides made bums soggy but not spirits.

It was absolute heaven.