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My kid was here

For the last two weeks SAH and I have been frantically cleaning the house and finishing off projects left, right and centre. SAH’s saint of a mother came in last weekend and helped with the final push in cleaning. She washed the walls, the floors (3 times) and the ceilings. She deserves a medal. My own mother whisked Little A off for two days in a row so we could clean without fear of our work quickly being undone.

It lasted a heavenly week, until oh about 2 hours ago when I had to sit down at my desk to work and Little A went to work on the studio/sun room. Being a fan of Milk Please Mum‘s sporadic chronicling of the wake of destruction by her own children, I thought this would be an excellent time to join her in this documentation.

My kid was here:








IMG_9312Our cleaning frenzy was brought on by our house being featured in an exciting project later in the year. Can’t wait to tell you about it.