Around here lately…

A relaxed 40th birthday party at Bexley Bowls club. Smoked BBQ, kids running around, big hair, good friends.

Exploring Pirrama park in Pyrmont (also known as chasing the kid around freaking out that he’ll jump into the harbour)

A trip out to the Eugalo farm to pick up the very last of the (long) season’s hydrangeas for a beautiful lady and her equally beautiful new baby. While up there we had a very fancy lunch, Little A went exploring in the bush with Blue in tow and we met the neighbours.


  • Hmmm… hydrangeas and cows. I love it. We like to call Pirrama park piranha park for the exact reason you mentioned x

  • I have a hydrangea bush in front of my house in almost the same colors. 🙂 Not in quite as good shape though! Happy 40th birthday (assuming it was yours)!

  • Wow I am jealous. the front of our house gets hits with afternoon sun of such intensity that it has fried every hydrangea I have attempted to plant in the garden.
    Not my 40th no, a few years to go!

  • Ahh, in that case I’ll save my 40th birthday wishes for a few years! 🙂 Sorry to hear your hydrangeas have been fried – that’s no fun. =/ I guess there are a few benefits to living in overcast, rainy Seattle!