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The destruction and a wardrobe sale

On Wednesday I arrived home to discover a massacre had taken place in my backyard. The dogs had played a fun game of rip-it-to-shreds with one of my lovely 50s sundresses – which was previously drying on the line. Sadly it is not salvagable. I could probably get a skirt out of it but that’s about it. If you are sensitive to horrible images look away now.

The mangled remains - being trodden on by my helper

This is what the dress used to look like.

What really smarts, is that it is one of only a few sundresses I own that fits my current figure (Busty McBoobason) as I am SLLLLLOOOOWLY loosing the baby weight my bust remains ample. Thanks to a healthy feeding baby (or should I call him a toddler now that he is walking?).

My wails of pain were heard across Facebook and my beautiful friends have come to the rescue. I now have two dresses to replace the one I lost.

But the up side of the destruction is that it has given me a kick in the pants to get my Etsy shop up and running. So I have gone through my wardrobe and selected 12 dresses to list. I have been busily washing, steaming, measuring and scouring for imperfections today and next week I have booked my tiny sister to model them for me. All going well they should be up by the end of next week.

Originally I was sad to start pulling dresses to be sold but it means I get to buy new dresses when I sell these (hopefully)! Also my rule of thumb is if the waist is smaller than 28″ there is probably no chance in hell I will get back down to that fit. Especially since the post-30 thickening has set in. So OUT they go!

And if you’re interested, here is a sneak peak (aka crappy iPhone picture) at the crowning glory of my sale collection. A hand-glass-beaded, late 50s cocktail dress with draped back detail.

Watch this space if you’re interested in buying any of the dresses – I will have another sneak peak/presale on the blog before things go up on Etsy.