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Barber shop chop

We took Bub to have his first hair cut, as documented in week 8 of my 52 week portrait project  and to distract myself from the emotional gravity of it all (yes, I am a sook) I took a load of photos. Here are a few of them.

Sterling Hairdressing Parlour & Barber Shop is owned by our friend Tony and staffed by some very talented people (I highly recommend my colourist Blanch). Tony cuts both mine and SAH’s hair and also did my and my bridesmaid’s hair for our wedding  so it was only natural that we kept Bub’s hair cut in the family, so to speak.

Tony was so patient and in return our usual wriggling toddler sat quietly and didn’t squirm too much. It also helped that SAH and one of the other barbers, Connor, distracted Bub with an iPad*. It was a little three men and a baby for a while.

If you are ever in Sydney and are after a vintage cut and styling set or a good ol’ fashioned barber trim and shave, my whole little family recommends Sterling.

*I have to admit while rushing out of the house that morning I left our iPad at home – after I had filled it with cool games and videos especially for distraction at the barber shop – so Tony kindly lent us his.