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Garden harvest

Whilst strolling home from an early morning visit to our neighbourhood park on Saturday morning we noticed our cherry guava bush groaning under the weight of its ripened fruit.

One of the last remaining vestiges of our much loved but now completely abandoned potager (you can read a bit about the veggie garden that was here) the bush is thriving in its neglect. With the arrival of Baby, almost two years ago (gosh! He is two next month!) a lot of things fell by the way side and one of those things was our high maintenance front garden come vegetable patch.

It has now resorted to an ornamental suburban garden, that is well kept no thanks to us but all thanks to our neighbour/gardener Joe (or ‘Doe!’ as Bub calls him).

So in an attempt to revisit times of old SAH and Bub set to work harvesting our bumper crop of squishy, ruby coloured produce. With both sampling the wares along the way – well why not?

Now the question is – what to do with all this fruit? We also have a mandarin tree shedding its juicy bounty and so much so even the cockatoos have reached the point of saturation and are no longer coming to collect them.