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Cars and flowers

We celebrated SNH’s 2nd father’s day on Sunday. We left the house early and drove down to Taren Point to wander around the Rat Rod show. Unlike a lot of car and hot rod shows the rat rod show is a great collection of diverse everyday-drives, home projects, works in progress and restored vintage vehicles. You won’t find over polished show cars here.

Father’s day has neatly coincided with a large development period for Bub, he is having a brain explosion at the moment. Words are coming thick and fast, sentences are being formed and comprehension is increasing. Unfortunately as with all Bub’s development periods we are experiencing high amounts of frustration, tears, temper tantrums (which are pretty mild compared to the ones I had as a kid but are still frustrating to deal with) and broken sleep patterns. Combine that with yet another child care cold/virus and you get a pretty frazzled house-hold.

So our walk around the rat rod show was cut short when Bub decided to loose the plot. We piled back into the car and I drove my boys to our next (secret) location: Andrew and Frida’s flower farm. Once out of the car and running around the farm Bub kept asking where the animals were, you see Old MacDonald’s farm is full of animals, so all farms should be right? “Where Baa? Mooo moo?” Once he realised we weren’t going to see animals of the 4 legged variety (apart from Blue the cattle dog) he set to work becoming one with nature and disappeared into a large tangle of jasmine wrapped around a cluster of trees and there he explored until it was time for our delicious picnic.

After lunch Andrew introduced us to his large family of gorgeous hens and award winning budgies.

We love spending time on the farm with Andrew and Frida, it’s so beautiful up there. I have a feeling based on the fun Bub had we will be spending many more lazy days up there in the future.