Growing up

You probably noticed, or maybe not, that I stopped participating in the 52 week project midway through the year. I felt that, as I am a sporadic blogger I was flooding this place with the feature and it wasn’t my intention to have a blog devoted to my kid. As amazing as Little A is, this is still my own acropolis of narcissism.

However I can’t help but look at the photos taken this weekend and think what a long, amazing year it has been so far. Comparing them against the first photo I took for the 52 week project, standing before me in a child, no longer a baby. Competent, intelligent, polite, inquisitive, funny and lovely; my young man.

Slightly water-obsessed and indulged by his Oma, playing in her huge country sink. Lucky the laundry is a wet room.

  • Gorgeous pictures!

  • Beautiful shots. I love the black and white x

  • It’s funny, Astrid, but I do remember first meeting you through the 52 Project and I actually DID think that doing the project was all your blog was about. It was only after I started coming religiously that i discovered a whole new world!

    I stuck with the project, even though some weeks the project and the Rewind are the only posts i do. What kind of a blogger am i? A FIFO one and a busy one and one who is declaring that I WILL do better next year!

    But I think I’ll stick with the 52 Project. It’s just such a worthwhile record now that I’ve done it for so long. I hope the kids will co-operate!! x

  • Ah ha! It’s funny the project helped connect me to so many other blogs as well but I did promise myself I wouldn’t turn into a ‘mummy blog’ even if I am addicted to reading other mummy blogs myself 😉