Thrift Life: the brag


Thrift Life is a sporadic feature created to showcase various op shop, charity shop and thrift shop vintage finds. 

I love a good thrift shop. It’s the adventure of the hunt. A quick nip into that op shop you just happen to drive by, never know what you’re going to find (it’s a bit like a box of chocolates in that way). Charting errands by importance of how close they are to Vinnies or Salvos.

Of course I have my favourites, ones that reward my persistence but I do tend to cast my thrift-net wide. Travelling far and wide for my finds, all over Sydney and sometimes outside the city altogether.

The nature of our vintage style means the majority of stuff I buy is second hand, and the nature of my spending is that I am a tight-arse and don’t like parting with large amounts of money.

But the thing is I don’t just like finding stuff, I love seeing other people’s found treasures too. It’s the excitement in other people’s good fortune and the slight zing of jealously. It spurs me on to keep hunting.

So that’s why I am launching a little social media show and tell: the Thrift Life Brag.

Have you ever had the “find of a life time” in a thrift shop? Have you felt the pull of the thrift and scored?

Here’s your chance to show it off and have a thrift brag!

Just take of photo of your score or scores and send them to me hello{at} or join me on instagram @astredcherry , posting your images with the hashtag #thriftlifebrag

I will compile all the images in one big thrift life brag post in the coming weeks!

What are you waiting for? Send me your images! Let’s see your awesome finds.

This morning I picked up a toy fridge for Little A, to add to the garage sale bought oven and SAH built kitchen.

Then later in the day, after the neighbourhood experienced a black out I was forced to take a break, what to do? Oh let me see, I’ll take a trip to an Op Shop I hadn’t been to in a long time. Bingo! 1 tea towel, set of cups and saucers and a little painting. But the scores I’ve been so crazy happy with, so much so I almost peed with I found them are my novelty hats. YEARS of thrifting and this is the first time I’ve ever found 60s sun hats. Then there is this telephone graphic bed spread. And this awesome fitted and flat sheet set. The finds are too numerous too list and frankly if I don’t photograph it when I get it home, I won’t bother to later as it becomes a part of the house.
So come on- share your finds with us!

  • Fashionista

    OK so I am in love with that Gaysheen book! I do love an op shop, good bad indifferent, they are all worthy of a visit. My best find would be a silver Art Deco tea service complete with teapot, sugar bowl, creamer and another little lidded jug that I discovered is for hot water in case the tea was brewed too strong. $30 it set me back, I couldn’t get my money out quick enough. I assumed it was silver plated (but was surprised at how heavy it all was) until closer inspection when I got home to discover that it was the real deal. With ebony handles. And I use it because what is the point of having lovely things if you can’t enjoy them?

    My 15yo daughter is something of an op shop whizz. She buys most of her clothes (vintage and modern) at op shops and can sniff a find a mile off. Her best would be a Pandora bracelet with 28 Pandora charms on it, $3.99. Not to mention the fortune in clothes and shoes that she has saved me 😉

    We are off to regional Victoria this weekend and I am especially looking forward to visiting some op shops. Love small town op shops! Have a lovely weekend.

  • Oh you have done so well! You are lucky I wasn’t there too! As another vintage lover, I would have been snatching those hats from you in a second! My best score ever was a Gucci handbag – genuine, perfect and in my wardrobe still. I am a handbag collector and I love vintage bags. I know that pee for excitement feeling! Lovely blog – new follower here!

  • I love an op shop. So many good things. I also love the ethics of using op shops when ever possible.

  • What a score!
    Did you get little heart palpitations? I love/hate that when I find something and have to make nice and chat, yes yes small talk just give me my damned score so I can run squealing out of here! 😉
    Sounds like your daughter has the touch, I’d keep her around 😉

  • Ha! Yeah I am sure a number of my friends would have done the same 😉
    Hope your Gucci was better priced than the Louboutain’s I found at vinnies the other day -$300!!

  • Yes, I feel the same. Reuse all the wonderful stuff that came before us. That’s why I rummage through roadside chuck outs – it’s going to be landfill so if I can find a new home for it why not?

  • Oh I forgot to mention, I paid a teensy $10 for the Gucci! The op shop was run by little old ladies who wore nylon and had no idea! Still boasting about that all these years later! Those were the days!

  • Rory Mouttet

    Very cool – love the towel and picture. Great composition.

  • oooo you absolutely scored BIG time!! I love those sheets – I have actually been looking for some like that for myself! x