A few weeks ago I put a call out to join me in a little humble brag about some of the tops scores you found in op shops, well I can tell you there were some mind blowing responses on Instagram. Tagging their images with #thriftlifebrag these ladies kindly shared some green inducing treasures.

These beauties were picked up in an op shop for 50¢ by Rare Pear.

Fabulous mid-century modern candelabra – $1.

$10 from an op shop in Enmore a Barsony wall hanging bust. One of those once in a lifetime finds.

Pottymouth Mama has a vase habit that see’s her hit up op shops for a fix.

How beautiful is the colour of this vintage chair? Would cheer up anyone’s office – it certainly put a smile on Rainbow Vintage Home’s face!

The ridiculousness of this image is these fabulous canisters were picked up from one garage sale. From one hoarder to the next. Kiss the Cats is a consummate thrifter with a real talent for finding gems as you will see from the following submissions…

One church sale, many fisher price toys.

The spoils of *one* full day of thrift shopping – I told you she had a knack.

A quick drop into a thrift shop on the way home from errands produces all this.

Not one but THREE hugely rare 60s beach towels. I am in awe.

New couch? Just please!

Not bad for random thrift stop: 60s beach towel, huge purse and knitting patterns (that boy’s carry has a seal on the pocket, perfect for seal obsessed Little A)

Roller disco?…

Gillian Girl is ready!

For vintage wearing ladies this label is pure gold, to find it in an op shop is unheard of (what a lucky duck!)

If you want thrift luck – this lady has it! Quiet Vintage Sewing found this framed with glass Tretchikoff print for $15!! But that’s not the best one…

This pig-tailed Barsony lamp with ribbon shade set Quiet Vintage Sewing back $10. That’s right, Trish just won the internet. Game over people, that’s it. $10! I wept and I am sure she did to. Probably wee’d a little too, did the ‘yes yes, just take my money and give me the lamp so I can run down the street manically laughing’ dance too.


Thank you ladies for participating the first Thrift Life Brag round up. Are you inspired? Have you scored bigger and better? I want to see them! We all want to see them! Post them on Instagram with the hashtag #thriftlifebrag and it could be included in the next Thrift Life Brag round up for the world to drool over!


Thrift Life: the brag


Thrift Life is a sporadic feature created to showcase various op shop, charity shop and thrift shop vintage finds. 

I love a good thrift shop. It’s the adventure of the hunt. A quick nip into that op shop you just happen to drive by, never know what you’re going to find (it’s a bit like a box of chocolates in that way). Charting errands by importance of how close they are to Vinnies or Salvos.

Of course I have my favourites, ones that reward my persistence but I do tend to cast my thrift-net wide. Travelling far and wide for my finds, all over Sydney and sometimes outside the city altogether.

The nature of our vintage style means the majority of stuff I buy is second hand, and the nature of my spending is that I am a tight-arse and don’t like parting with large amounts of money.

But the thing is I don’t just like finding stuff, I love seeing other people’s found treasures too. It’s the excitement in other people’s good fortune and the slight zing of jealously. It spurs me on to keep hunting.

So that’s why I am launching a little social media show and tell: the Thrift Life Brag.

Have you ever had the “find of a life time” in a thrift shop? Have you felt the pull of the thrift and scored?

Here’s your chance to show it off and have a thrift brag!

Just take of photo of your score or scores and send them to me hello{at}designcherry.com or join me on instagram @astredcherry , posting your images with the hashtag #thriftlifebrag

I will compile all the images in one big thrift life brag post in the coming weeks!

What are you waiting for? Send me your images! Let’s see your awesome finds.

This morning I picked up a toy fridge for Little A, to add to the garage sale bought oven and SAH built kitchen.

Then later in the day, after the neighbourhood experienced a black out I was forced to take a break, what to do? Oh let me see, I’ll take a trip to an Op Shop I hadn’t been to in a long time. Bingo! 1 tea towel, set of cups and saucers and a little painting. But the scores I’ve been so crazy happy with, so much so I almost peed with I found them are my novelty hats. YEARS of thrifting and this is the first time I’ve ever found 60s sun hats. Then there is this telephone graphic bed spread. And this awesome fitted and flat sheet set. The finds are too numerous too list and frankly if I don’t photograph it when I get it home, I won’t bother to later as it becomes a part of the house.
So come on- share your finds with us!

Thrift Life: kids room


So this is my second installment on my semi-regular series Thrift Life.

I always make a bee-line to the manchester section of any thrift store or op shop, I am on the look out for 50s table cloths and tea towels (especially Australiana themed ones) but lately I’ve been scoring a bunch on vintage children’s bedsheets.

Last week I dressed Bub’s big boy bed in some of my most recent awesome scores: digger pillowcase, 123 flat sheet and paper plane donna cover (all under $5 each). So colourful and I love that it all clashes. Don’t get me wrong I like a matching bed-set as much as the next pattern obsessed designer, but sometimes you need to break the rules.

I bought the cloud pillow at last years Summer Hill Primary School fair, but you can make your own from the Hop Skip Jump softies sewing book.

I’ve been doing a bit of rearranging in Bub’s room lately, and have been on the look out for a bedside table. Until I realised the 60s telephone table abandoned in our hall, would be perfect – and perfect out of the hall no longer another object to stub my toe on or pile random junk upon.

So it now holds night-time books, along with a few toys including other great thrift score a vintage Fisher Price pull-along cow.

I picked the table up at a market a few years ago for $10.

What thrift scores have you got lately? Care to join in the Thrift Life group?

Thrift Life


I am going to try to add a new semi-regular segment on my blog: Thrift Life.

I don’t know about you, but I love looking at other people’s thrift and Op shop scores, in fact the majority of people I follow on instagram are thrifters and my feed throws up lots of vintage love.

I’ve posted before on some of the great stuff I’ve thrifted, and I don’t expect to post every time I find something just a monthly collection of radness.

I don’t consider it gloating, but I am interested if you do? Do you think people excitedly publishing pictures of their scores are rubbing your nose in stuff you don’t have?

I few of the bloggers I follow are also Thrifters for Life, so if this segment actually works and takes off it might be cool to make it a ‘thing’ link us all up.

Bub was home from Montessori all last week, as he was recovering from being quite sick so we desperately needed to get out of the house and do things, and since parks and other kids stuff were off limits (I wasn’t keen on letting him spread his illness around) I packed him into the car and off we beetled to a few of my favourite and often fruitful Op shops. We only managed to get to 2 before Bub feel asleep in the car (a few hours before his normal nap) so I had to cut the thrifting short, but I was still able to pick up a few fantastic pieces.

Starting with this Early 60s faux-leopard fur coat! Absolutely rare as hen’s teeth to find thrifting here I paid the pricey tag of $50 for it, knowing it was a score no matter what (however I did get a severe case of the guilts spending that much money later on in the day).

Another score was this amazing vintage children’s tent for $5. We need to get poles for it but it came with the hooks – but Bub was too excited about it and insisted I put it up, so I draped it over a couple of chairs and he spent a good long while running in and out of it while our dog Knuckles tried to get in on the fun.

 (excuse the terrible iPhone photos)

I picked up a new scary toy for my collection: a 1950s Mouseketeer doll. He’s a little dirty and needs a good clean but he is really spooky and was only $10 (I have seen him in antique centres for $100+). And lastly a fabulous vintage tea towel from sunny Terrigal $3, which I have put in my pile of linen to be turned into cushions.

 What have you scored recently?

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