A few weeks ago I put a call out to join me in a little humble brag about some of the tops scores you found in op shops, well I can tell you there were some mind blowing responses on Instagram. Tagging their images with #thriftlifebrag these ladies kindly shared some green inducing treasures.

These beauties were picked up in an op shop for 50¢ by Rare Pear.

Fabulous mid-century modern candelabra – $1.

$10 from an op shop in Enmore a Barsony wall hanging bust. One of those once in a lifetime finds.

Pottymouth Mama has a vase habit that see’s her hit up op shops for a fix.

How beautiful is the colour of this vintage chair? Would cheer up anyone’s office – it certainly put a smile on Rainbow Vintage Home’s face!

The ridiculousness of this image is these fabulous canisters were picked up from one garage sale. From one hoarder to the next. Kiss the Cats is a consummate thrifter with a real talent for finding gems as you will see from the following submissions…

One church sale, many fisher price toys.

The spoils of *one* full day of thrift shopping – I told you she had a knack.

A quick drop into a thrift shop on the way home from errands produces all this.

Not one but THREE hugely rare 60s beach towels. I am in awe.

New couch? Just please!

Not bad for random thrift stop: 60s beach towel, huge purse and knitting patterns (that boy’s carry has a seal on the pocket, perfect for seal obsessed Little A)

Roller disco?…

Gillian Girl is ready!

For vintage wearing ladies this label is pure gold, to find it in an op shop is unheard of (what a lucky duck!)

If you want thrift luck – this lady has it! Quiet Vintage Sewing found this framed with glass Tretchikoff print for $15!! But that’s not the best one…

This pig-tailed Barsony lamp with ribbon shade set Quiet Vintage Sewing back $10. That’s right, Trish just won the internet. Game over people, that’s it. $10! I wept and I am sure she did to. Probably wee’d a little too, did the ‘yes yes, just take my money and give me the lamp so I can run down the street manically laughing’ dance too.


Thank you ladies for participating the first Thrift Life Brag round up. Are you inspired? Have you scored bigger and better? I want to see them! We all want to see them! Post them on Instagram with the hashtag #thriftlifebrag and it could be included in the next Thrift Life Brag round up for the world to drool over!


  • Gillian Bugden

    Trish’s Barsony find! Yes, tears! and a tiny bit of wee…WOW. just wow.

  • If I were in her place I don’t know if I could have kept my composure. I may have fainted.

  • I guess what this post proves is that not /every/ St. Vinnies-nanna-volunteer-lady checks the internet and jacks up the price. Just the ones who work in my ‘hood. My greatest thrift finds have been in the UK and the USA – plus Tokyo… that’s where all the good stuff is being hoarded. Japan.

  • There are a few I go past and scoff at – Burwood Vinnies for example have one of those what are they worth collectables books, and I’ve seen a conch shell lamp in North Sydney Vinnies for $250!!!!! But yes, there are some gems out there.
    I would love to know what you got in Japan 🙂

  • Nothing in vinnies should be over $10. That should be a rule. I found a citrus pyrex jug and glass set next to a donation bin once. I’d be ashamed to say I took it, except it was one of those ‘fake’ charity ones… And it wasn’t inside… I’m a terrible person.

    The only thing I bought in Japan was a vintage Hysteric Glamour shirt (I like to travel light). I felt weird buying American stuff over there, but they are obsessed, mostly with pastel pyjamas and toys from the 80’s. It’s like a treasure trove of your childhood. Also, any vintage band shirts or designer labels. But be prepared to fork out the $$$ There are very specifically curated shops that hold one type of item, so whatever your ‘thing’ is, there’ll be store dedicated to it. Also, they have laws about donating clothes that are clean, so everything is immaculate, even in the thrift stores.

    To extend the comment further, if you like digging, try antique/flea markets in the US. Especially places that the hipsters haven’t bothered with yet… Alabama for instance. Goldmine.

  • cybele@blahblah

    I can’t believe those canisters that puts all my thrifting to shame x

  • sounds amazing – I haven’t been back to Japan since I was 16. It’s definitely on the list for the next couple of years, as are the States. I weep when I see ladies in my Instafeed pushing shopping trolleys full with gold at mega-mart thrift stores in America. Oh the junk I could amass!

  • It’s a bit of a bonanza right?

  • The furniture in those American thrift stores is definitely weep-worthy because it’s (virtually) impossible to bring home and SO good and SO cheap! Let me know if/when you go to either Japan or USA and I’ll send you some insider tips!