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Photos and abodes

You might remember from this post that a couple of months back SAH and I had spent weeks furiously cleaning our house, even going so far as to call in the big guns: SAH’s Super Awesome Mum.

We finished off a hand full of half done projects, SAH even started a new project (thanks for the heart attack babe, it looks great), and generally readied ourselves to have the house photographed by ace photographer Luisa Brimble for a feature in the Beetle Shack’s Creative Family Home Project.

Emily is showcasing one home a month this year on her friendly blog, The Beetle Shack. Inviting her reader’s to take a peek into the creative spaces of some lovely families and we were very chuffed to be asked.

The feature is now live on the blog, so you can pop over and check out our house in all its clean glory. We had but one stipulation – you can’t document our horrible bathroom or kitchen. Those spaces are beyond cleaning and Lightroom filters to make them appear lovely, it’s a pity but some day we will renovate and they will be as fabulous as the rest of the house.

A week after I hosted Em and Luisa I got an email from the features editor at Cosmopolitan magazine. They were looking for ladies who collected strange things; I told them they had contacted the right gal. And a few days later I welcomed a small team of a photographer, stylist and writer into our still clean house to document my dressing room with all its crazy knick-knacks and scary toys.

Astred Cosmo Magazine

I am quite pleased with the article as so often what you say can be skewed to make you look ‘kooky’ and more interesting to the general public. I am not pleased however with the fact that my age is as big as my name – gah! And double gah that this Sunday the number will tick over another year.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my birthday in fact I generally have a birthday week (and with all this press it feels like a month of ME!) but I am feeling sorry for myself as I traipse towards 40. Constantly being reminded as I teach students who weren’t born before the Internet became mainstream, that I am old even though I don’t really feel old. I am getting older.

But before I sulk off to ponder life the universe and everything at 35, I have to say that my life so far – as documented in the articles above – has been colourful and interesting. A good combination.